Best Series

Uhhgg... I know I said the Best Romance category was the hardest for me to write up, but I've changed my mind. I mean, how are you supposed to explain something like Departure within a paragraph? Without spoiling it? See...

I've tried my best to adequately summarize all the series without giving away anything but broad plot. I had someone help me with the one I didn't feel familiar with, but please forgive any other errors. I haven't read some of these stories in awhile, and I don't have time to go through them again. I'm hoping that I've done them all justice.

And now I present you the nominees.

And the nominees are...

Admission by Aries

The series begins with Krycek visiting Mulder, and Mulder admitting something important before he was ready. This causes Krycek to leave, but it isn't long before their paths cross again, and they are able to work things out. But they soon hit another bump in the road, and Krycek leaves once more, with only Mulder's well-being in mind. The boys remain seperated and miserable for a few months, until fate, illness, and an unlikely source intervine. It takes time for everthing to be sorted out, but once that happens, the boys take a vacation to recover from their seperation and spend some time together.

Things go well, and they return home committed and happy. Time passes, and they buy a house and get a dog, and are blissfully happy. But soon fate comes into play once more, this time cruelly. Something terrible happens, and Mulder and Krycek are left to deal with the emotional aftermath. But, as always, love conquers all, and the boys are currently living happily ever after. Or happily until Aries decides to write another story in this universe.

This series is one of the longest and most beloved in the M/K fandom. It contains eight stories, and totals over a Megabyte.

Breathless by Ladonna King

The Breathless series focuses not only on the Mulder/Krycek relationship, but also on an X-File and on the mythology, making it seem as though it's stories were actually episodes of the show. Breathless, the first story in the series ties an X-File and the mythology together. It also gives Mulder and Krycek plenty of time to hash out the past, and to settle some of it. When we rejoin them in the next story, Soildarity, they are together. Unfortunatly each is suddenly called away on assignment, and they are seperated. They end up in the same town, on different sides of things. Motives are questioned, but in the end it seems that they're on the same side after all. A cast of original characters is introduced, and two of them asisit Mulder and Krycek in what comes next.

That "what" ends up tying Chris Carter's muddled mythology together, a feat he himself will never be able to fully achieve. But I won't speak of it here, for I'm loathe to spoil it. The story ends with a promise of a third in the series. We're still holding our breath. :o)

Departure by Imajiru

Departure begins when Krycek acts on a whim, and kidnaps Mulder. He is predictably upset about this. But Krycek wears him down, and a bit of trauma brings them together. For a short time. Mulder soon leaves, and heads back to his life. But he is unable to live it as he once did, and he and Krycek can't stop thinking about each other. In Departure II Krycek returns, and a relationship forms between them. But trouble comes when Scully finds out, and Mulder's next actions change his life forever.

After Mulder spends some time living in the consequences of those actions, Krycek comes and proves that he cares. He and Mulder run off together, to his secret hideout. In Departure 2.5 we get to see not only the pyshical journey to that place, but the emotional journey along the way.

Departure III shows the boys happy in their new life. But activity within The Consortium move them to act for the sake of the planet. They enlist Scully's help, and Krycek angsts over Mulder's reunion with her. But some time alone with Scully and a life-threatening event give him some perspective. Unfortuatly, a new problem arises; Skinner is brought in to help, and he's not happy. But Mulder and Krycek are able to get past his disapproval and they exist quietly until an opportunity to strike against The Consortium arises. Events that follow bring the boys closer together, and Krycek to a noble decision. But... *Damn*, I can't finsih this without spoiling it. You all know what happens, and those of you who don't should get reading.

Numb All Over by Jonah in the Whale

Numb All Over is a work in progress. It begins with Krycek and Mulder already in a relationship, and Krycek running to Mulder when something is wrong. It seems to be an X-file, but is still unexplained. Most of this series has so far been hints at what took place before the first story, and what continues to be a problem. But I can not explain it further, because Jonah hasn't yet made things clear enough for me to do so. C'mon man, don't leave us hanging! Get writing!

Tapestry (Weft/Warp) by Amirin

This summary will be short, for it's hard to explain this story without spoiling it. It begins with a tragedy. It then seems as though Krycek is helping Mulder through it, but he is in fact helping Mulder keep out of danger, while revealing some of himself to him. This all takes place during Weft, which is composed of the stories in this series which are from Mulder's point of view. During the newer Warp stories, Krycek's perspective is shown, and things seem a bit different, and new motives are revealed.

Victim of the Game by CKing

And the winner is...