Best Author

The slash fandom is filled with talented writers. I think this especially holds true in the case of Mulder/Krycek slash. The pairing draws so many wonderful people, and I for one have often been in awe at the wonderful plots and elegant prose that M/K writers produce.

Tonight I'm proud to present five of these accomplished and wonderful authors to you.

And the nominees are...


Aries is probably most famous for her epic romantic series Admission, Green Eyed Monster, and Not on My Watch. But she has also many stand alone pieces, including Jade, Daywalker, Excess Baggage, Ten Minutes and it's sequel Just a Quickie, and Private Dancer and it's brand new sequel One Night Only.


Imajiru is the author of the popular Departure series. She's also written six other M/K stories- White Russian on the Beach..., Bailey's Irish Creme, Peace, Resistance, and (co-authored with Rachel) Quicksand.

Imajiru is also the author of several other X-Files stories, which are mostly MSR, but also include a Mulder/Krycek/Scully piece. She writes in other fandoms, including Forever Knight.

Jessica Harris

Jessica Harris is the author of the very popular story, Bedlam, and it's "sidebar" stories. She's also famous for her wildly creative AU series, Reason Sleeps. In addition, she's written many other M/K stories, including Ebb Tide and it's sequel Kraken, Never See Morning and it's sequel Pit and Lantern, and Cravings.

She's also posted the first stories in what will hopefully be two new series- Nightfalling, and the guiltily addicting Secret of Mulder Mansion .

Jessica has also written several M/Sk pieces, some wonderful Byers focused stories, a Due South story, and an Anne of Green Gables story.

Ladonna King

Ladonna King can easily be called one of the most busy slash authors. She always has a full plate, and any author would be blessed to have a muse half as enthusiastic as hers. Because of this, she has written many M/K stories, most of which are of substantial length.

She is the author of four series; Breathless, Mad Dogs, Skin, and Inertia. Most of the parts in these series are of novel length. Her novel length stories include Responsibility and Blood, Love, and Rhetoric. She has written several long stories; Possession, Promise, and Enemy, Friend. She is also the author of many short stories. Most notably The Full Monty, Angels, La Partence, and Wanderlust.

Ladonna has also written several XF/other crossover stories, and stories in such fandoms as Highlander, The Phantom Menace, and Velvet Goldmine.

Sarah Bellum (Bernice)

Sarah Bellum (aka Bernice, the beloved head of IIBNF Press) has written and completed two novel length stories. Both are well loved and have generated follow-up stories authored by fans and friends. These stories are A Fish Called Krycek and Sympathy for the Devil. Sarah also has two other novel length stories, which are both incomplete works in progress; Between Soul and Soft Machine and Judas Wept. In addition, she has written one short story The Meaning of True Love, and one filk, Kissing Mulder.

And the winner is...

Ladonna King!!!