Best Short Story

From snippets to full fledged stories, inspired by other stories and dreams and songs, here are our nominees.

And the nominees are...

Came Down Like Water by Torch

Moving forward, he reached out again, was shoved away again but grabbed and held on tight and struggled and they both went down, landing in heavy, breath-stealing discomfort. Krycek pushed, he pushed back and they wrestled clumsily, leaving more scuff marks, until he just gave up and relaxed, body softening, shifting to accommodate the weight that pinned him down. He wouldn't win anyway, not that game. Closing his eyes, he ran his hands up under the leather, over washworn cotton and knotted muscle, rubbing gently.

"Just let me," he whispered.

Closet Taoism by Leanne

It felt like we'd been walking for an eternity when we spied the small copse of trees. Ideal place for a short rest, especially since the humidity level had risen. I watched him as he watched the sky. I watched him in the moonlight.

I decided to take off before I gave into my impulses. Krycek overtook me, and I reached out to slow him down. When he turned to me with his lips parted to speak, he looked just like he did on the couch. This time when my brain stopped working, I just did it. I kissed him.

I kissed Alex Krycek. He kissed me back.

And it was good.

Do You Think? by Imp

I thought I was being a patriot, a hero in the shadows, fighting corruption and strengthening the system from within, and by the time I learned otherwise it was too late. By the time I learned otherwise, I was committed, I was compromised, my fate was sealed.

Now I'll never know what it's like to be a hero. I'll never use the criminal science degree I worked so hard for. I'll never hold any sort of normal job, never walk down a street without looking back over my shoulder, never sleep without nightmares.

But what bothers me most is that I'll never know what it's like to be your partner. To be your friend. To stand beside you, work with you, having earned your respect and your liking. I'll never know what we could have been, if it had all been real.

Hurt by Isahunter

"God damn..." Lowering the gun, Mulder shoved Krycek's head into the wall.

Instead of passing out, like he should have, Krycek staggered backwards and swayed in place. He should have known better. The man had nine lives. Not even the steady trickle of blood down his face could slow him down. Still, Mulder wasn't at all prepared for the moment when his enemy grabbed his shirt, dragged him closer, and sealed their lips for the first time.

The hot, salty tang of another man's tongue in his mouth. Swirling, tasting, exploring. And he should have been fucking repulsed. He should have shoved him away and puked his guts out. So why the hell was he gripping the bastard even tighter?

Reparation by Russianrat

I know he won't believe me. Mulder's willing to follow any crazy story if it smacks of aliens or government conspiracies. Yet when it comes to me, the bastard tends to develop instant mental block. Can't say as I blame him. I haven't exactly been the model of upright citizenry.

Souls by Araxdelan

I reach out, and lay my hand on his cheek, ever so gently, testing the waters. He's just shaved; the cheek is smooth. I draw my hand back, and lean over to kiss him there. I hear him take in a shaky breath as I do so, and he's afraid, frightened. I can smell it. So this is what you've been playing, Alex?

I lean back, to look in his eyes. Clear, I've never seen them so clear before. No, not clear, open, honest. If I asked him now, he would tell me everything I want to know. I move forward, and brush my lips upon his.

Silence by Araxdelan

He didn't think before speaking. And it was best. For some truths can only be told without thought, without contemplation and judgment that frightens and focuses and alters. And he told his truth.

"I love you too."

And the winner is...

Came Down Like Water!!!