Closing Speech

Well, those are all the awards. I'd like to thank our presenters... Sarah, Broken Angel, Raietta, and Jadzia. I'd like to thank Ursula, who helped me pick excerpts in some of my categories. Thanks to Alice ttlg and the Theban Band for advertising the awards. And another, big thank you to my darling Raietta, who designed my dresses and the award statue. She's multi-talented. :o)

If you'd like to publicly congratulate a winner, praise or diss the awards, or gossip about Araxdelan's dress, please sign this year's guestbook. Don't feel like signing? Read it.

If you'd like to be a presenter in next year's ceremony, or are interested in designing next year's award, please email me.

I'll be back next year, same time, (probably) same place. Until then, I'm going to go sleep. Then I'm going to go visit my old friend, Real Life. And then I'm going to catch up on all the fic I've been missing in the past few months. :o)

Thank you for coming, and good night!

The End