Best Author


As an author, it is doubtless in my mind that each and every M/K writer out there puts their heart and soul into their stories, works their fingers to the bone to produce something that they can be proud of. Our finalists tonight are just a handful of the hardworking authors in this fandom. Perhaps they are a few of the hardest working, for their stories are of quality, and are most enjoyable. They have something that has separated them from the rest in the minds of the readers. That something is unique in every case, and I'm proud to honor such a wonderful group of widely talented authors here tonight.

The nominees are:

Courtney Gray

Courtney Gray began writing M/K fiction three years ago. Her first story, "How to Throw a Curveball" was one of the many post-kiss stories written. But it stood out in the minds of the readers, and she soon wrote a sequel. Not long after another story was written, and a series was born. This year, she wrote the last story in the Curveball series, putting a close to the storyline that began three long years ago. Her readers have followed her faithfully along the way, and this year the series is a finalist in "Best Series" category, and the fifth and final story in the series is a finalist in the "Best Romance" category.

Dr. Ruthless

Dr. Ruthless is the author of a countless number of stories. In the past few years she's built up a huge body of work, and a loyal following. She's the author (or co-author) of six M/K series; the Booze Brothers series, the Alice in Wonderland series, the Shelter from the Storm series, the Waterbed series, the Guilt Edged series, and the Partnership series. She's written many, many standalones, but the number of them is so great that I can't list them here. She also frequently collaborates with other authors. She worked with Relentless on "Mindfield", with Niffusa on "Look Who's Talking- 69", and with Niffusa and Frankie on "Sure, Fine, Whatever", all of which are finalists in this year's awards.

Loren Q

Loren Q began her M/K career this year with the story, "Batesville". She's been very busy, following her first story with several more, including "Yes, Alex", "A Gentleman's Word", "Spam", and collaborating with Zoe Takashi on "Sleep and Tackle". All the stories mentioned above are finalists in several LeK categories this year, making Loren the most nominated author.

MJ Lee

MJ Lee premiered as an M/K author with her very popular story, "Wild Justice". The story has been widely read, and was a finalist in four Lisa e Krysa categories this year. She's also written a sequel to "Wild Justice", called "Divine Retribution".


Phyre is a versatile M/K author, exploring diverse themes. From bittersweet ("His Measure of Worth") to dark ("Words Left Unspoken"), all her stories have one thing in common; the superb quality of the writing. She's written many popular stories, but is probably best known for her work on the These Men of Honor series, which she wrote with Rachel Lee Arlington. Phyre is a finalist in one other category this year, for her story "Words Left Unspoken".

Ursula (aka Fan4Richie)

Ursula is an established M/K author with many stories under her belt. She has dabbled in many genera; drama (the No Justice series), romance ("Perfect Partners", "Snowheart, Melt for Me"), Alternate Universe ("Pulped", "Under the Greenwood Tree"), and casefiles ("Windigo"). And we can't forget her alter-ego, Fan4Richie, who's written many wildly popular humour stories ("Pulped", the Fairies series, "Silo-Land"). Ursula is a finalist in two other LeK categories this year, for her stories "Pulped" and "Snowheart, Melt for Me".

And the winner is...

Courtney Gray