Best Romance

Our presenter for "Best Romance" recently burst onto the M/K scene with her first stories, "Do You Love" and "The Traveler". She's written several other stories since then, including "The Three S's", and "Spinning", an M/K fairy tale. She's also a finalist in the "Best Poem" category.

Please welcome... Raietta!


Ahh, the M/K romance story. Full of yearning looks, tender smiles, most probably there’s cuddling and kisses involved... the world of the M/K romance is a wonderful place. Mulder and Krycek are generally at their best, their most passionate, their sweetest. A well-written romance is like a long, luxurious bubble bath with chocolates and your favorite (possibly alcoholic) beverage. Marvelous, and irresistible.

Here are some of the best M/K romances written in 2000; they range from two veteran lovers comforting each other through emotional hardship, to Mulder and Krycek just beginning to start a deep relationship, to the celebration of a very romantic date in a decidedly Mulderian fashion... altogether, each story carries in its own way the flag of romance, while being unique.

The nominees are:

Admission IX: Recovering by Aries

"Did I wake you?"


The soft, husky answer flowed across Fox's nerves like warm honey, and he gravitated toward the younger man, reaching out to touch his face.

"Baby, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have walked out like that."

Alex turned his face into the touch, kissing his lover's palm. "I shouldn't have given you reason to leave. I know you'd never do anything to hurt me."

"Can we talk about it?" Fox asked hopefully. "I mean really talk...without fighting or feeling the need to be defensive."


"I love you, Alexei. I want you to be okay."

How to Throw a Curve Ball: Strike Zone by Courtney Gray

Mulder got up slowly and walked towards him. Krycek gripped the back of the chair until his fingers clawed the fabric, his heart pounding faster with every step Mulder took. When they were almost face to face, Mulder reached out and Krycek felt himself pulled gently into Mulder's arms.

He felt the coolness of Mulder's cheek rubbing lightly against his jaw and heard himself sigh as his arm burrowed inside Mulder's leather jacket to circle his waist.

"Shelter in the storm," whispered Mulder close by his ear.

Not on My Watch 4: Remember Me by Aries

Fox looked down into the bottomless depths of his lover's eyes, seeing everything he was, everything he felt, right there...laid bare for no one but him. He threaded the fingers of one hand through Alex's hair, still holding the exquisite, green gaze with his own. "Love you," he croaked while struggling to maintain his composure. "S-so much..."

Snow Heart, Melt for Me by Ursula

Mulder thought that when their lips met; it was with recognition as if Alex was the other half of his soul that he had lost. He found magic and wonder, but he knew that this was in its way a humble mystery. This love was a thing not just given to the beautiful and seldom to the overly wise, but that was all right, Mulder realized, because he was very willing to take a blithe step into space, a fool in love with a mage.

Two of a Kind by Imp

Embracing, with arms and thought. ::I thought you left me.::

::I thought you were gone. I'm sorry I scared you.::

::It's all right. Everything's all right. Just don't let go.::

::I'll never let go.:: and a kiss so deeply passionate it wipes away everything but the love.

Distantly, Alex notices that he is no longer cold: and the merry sound of mind-laughter reaches him as Mulder kisses him again.

And the winner is...

How to Throw a Curve Ball: Strike Zone by Courtney Gray