Best Sex Scene


No one can argue against the fact that sex scenes are an integral part of slash stories. They serve to both entertain, and advance plot and character development. The scenes honored here tonight are varied in their achievements. They all excel in their portrayal of desire and physical intimacies, some using the sex as a way to alter the dynamic between the characters. We also have a large number of scenes set in unusual places, showcasing the adventurous spirit of M/K writers.

The nominees are:

The Debriefing by Mockery and Ruric

Scene- The only one.

The blade flickered again and my briefs now featured a rather large gash in their seat. He smiled wickedly, and my heart fluttered as I heard him slowly unzip his fly. He couldn't possibly mean to... not here... not in public... not in *this* public, surely! He grinned again. Oh God - he did.

"I don't like you wearing underwear, Alex" he whispered.

I looked back at him in disbelief. "I'll be sure to remember that," I said, sarcastic.

He smiled again. These smiles were beginning to severely distress me in a pleasantly shivery kind of way. "See that you do."

His fingers returned to my open fly and closed once more around my straining cock. They squeezed gently and his thumb slid gently over the sensitive head, gathering up the precum and smearing it over my sensitive flesh.

I felt my mouth drop open and my eyes widen as my knees trembled. If we were not wedged in tight, I might have fallen; as it was, I felt that his cock between my buttocks and his hand around my cock were all that were keeping me upright.

Drink to Me Only by Jane Symmons

Scene- The first non-fantasy sex scene.

"Up, Alex!" he encouraged, as if to a lazy pet. "I want you on all fours, there's a good boy!"

Krycek rolled his eyes mildly, looking at Mulder with an indulgent well-if- I-really-must expression but he wasted no time in arranging himself on hands and knees, thrusting his buttocks in the air with greedy anticipation. Seeing such a mouthwatering sight before him, Mulder decided against using the sperm. He'd been given a better idea. He grabbed hold of Krycek's muscular cheeks and pulled them a little apart, revealing the dark puckered opening there. Exquisite. It twitched a little in excitement. Mulder buried his face in the sweet crack and began licking thoroughly at Krycek's anus.

"God!" Krycek nearly shrieked, clutching violently at the bedclothes. "Oh my God!"

'I think he likes it,' Mulder decided. He revelled in the fact that he'd taken someone of Krycek's obvious experience by surprise and licked harder, pushing at the tiny opening with the tip of his tongue. Krycek tasted marvellously rich and musty.

"Mulder!" Krycek's voice was a mixture of lust and terror. Mulder wondered if this was the first time anyone had had the imagination to do this to him. He remembered the first time he'd had it done to him - he'd nearly hit the ceiling. Krycek's anal muscles suddenly gave and Mulder shoved his tongue inside as far as it would go. Krycek screamed out, his voice cracked and panicky, thrashing about wildly while Mulder explored his inner channel, revolving his tongue to lick at the walls, then fucking him hard with it.

Without even having his penis touched, Krycek screamed again and launched into an explosive climax, collapsing onto his chest so that his buttocks were even higher in the air. Mulder didn't stop tonguing him until Krycek's protests started to get tearful. He was almost weeping Mulder's name over and over again.

Drinking with the Enemy* by Sleeps with Coyotes

Scene- The only one.

He didn't bother stalking Mulder--he just pounced, pushing the other man back into the couch and straddling the man's suddenly-sprawled legs, easing himself down into Mulder's lap as he caught the other man's mouth for a kiss. Maybe he'd surprised Mulder on the verge of cussing him out, but Mulder's mouth opened beneath him all the same, and Mulder gave as good as he got. Through the sudden dizziness of his shock--being here, being with Mulder and sharing a kiss that left him breathless--he realized they were rocking together like teenagers, Mulder's erection an undeniable heat rubbing side-by-side with his own.

This was just way too good to be true...

Sure enough, Mulder pulled back suddenly, one hand coming up to push sternly at Alex's chest. "Krycek," Mulder panted, meeting Alex's frustrated eyes with an intent stare.

"What?" Alex demanded, eyes narrowing, though he froze at once. Taking advantage of Mulder while he was drunk was one thing, but...he didn't actually want to force the other man... Well, not much...

"Get the fuck out of those clothes."

Never mind. This day was definitely looking up.


Mulder wasn't entirely sure what was happening inside his head, but he knew exactly what his body thought of it. Having six feet of steel-coiled assassin writhing wantonly in your lap tended to make an impression. Thrusting his hands up under Krycek's jacket, he'd stroked down the long, hard planes of the other man's back and realized he wanted skin beneath his palms, wanted more than this so-careful adolescent rutting, wanted to do this right if he was going to do it at all. Something that would leave an impression on both of them for a very long time.

The fact that he had recognized the look in Krycek's eyes when Mulder had stopped the other man gave him no peace of mind at all, though... Frustration, want, desire--he could have ignored those with ease. But not that need. That...desperation, expecting everything to be taken away without warning, the shadow of exhaustion in dark green eyes. It had been there and gone in an instant, but Mulder knew he hadn't imagined it. It was a look he knew from the inside out, and that...

Raised the stakes. That made this a game played for keeps.

And so now he had bare skin and warm flesh tangled up in his own, his hands reading an intricate Braille of scars, but that was good, that was right, it was just what he'd always pictured when he lay here in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, some unspoken perversity inspiring him to imagine this very scene in vivid detail. He'd anticipated a lot more talking, though...jibes, taunts, threats even, maybe the cold kiss of a gun or the chafe of handcuffs braceleting his wrists. Not the hunger with which they devoured each other, lips skimming over jaw and throat, the delicate hint of teeth against a shoulder or nipple, the wet flick of a tongue down a tense stomach. He hadn't expected this...this comfort he felt at all.

Private Dancer II by Aries

Scene- The performance at the club.

Gray, misty tendrils wound around the objects on stage and the bodies writhing together on the bed as the smoke slowly thickened, softening edges and vaguely blurring the view of the audience.

Almost simultaneously, everyone leaned forward, watching intently as Fox rose up on his knees, pulling himself away from Alex's persistent grasp. The prone man's hands wandered over Fox's thighs as he slid his pants to his knees then began to sway, his hips undulating in a slow, hypnotic fashion.

Another round of gasps sounded at the exquisite if slightly obscured sight of Alex's lover's body making him silent promises of shattering joy.

"Give it to him," one man in the front row whispered, completely immersed in the fantasy. "He's wanted you for so long..."

Fox shifted, removing his remaining clothing and went to work on Alex, stripping him as well. When he was finished, he straddled the younger man on his hands and knees, licking a long trail up the hard muscles of his abdomen, working his way to Alex's chest. The younger man lay beneath him, stretching his arms straight out to his sides, gathering up fistfuls of sheet as he arched under the warm, moist pressure.

Fox continued upward, his tongue stroking over the contracting muscles of Alex's throat. Reaching the area just below his lover's jaw, he sucked the flesh into his mouth, leaving a large, reddish-purple mark of possession there before he moved on, muffling Alex's gasps with his mouth.

Several customers squirmed in their seats, moving in time to Alex's upward thrusts, and when Fox sank down, draping himself over the younger man's body, several more men unconsciously dropped their hands into their laps, rubbing the bulges in their pants.

Alex released the green satin and slid his hands up toward the other man's back as one leg slid over his waist, but he was abruptly stopped. Fox grasped his wrists and held them to the mattress beside his head as he raised himself up, separating their chests, pushing down with his hips, grinding their cocks together.

Until now, every sound Alex made had gone unheard by the population, but the sobbing groan he now emitted cut through the throb of the music, cueing his lover to move them to the next part of the performance.

Renaissance Man by Queen Mab and Ratadder

Scene- The only one.

Mulder caught on immediately as Krycek arranged himself and rested his one hand on Mulder's sternum, leaving it to Mulder to guide his bobbing erection back to Krycek's body. Mulder used one hand to position his dick and the other to guide Krycek's hips as he eased the entrance, then moved both hands to stroke over Krycek's inner thighs as the body above him relaxed and sank down fully. He whimpered softly as the slick heat surrounded him again and tightened. Relaxed. Tightened.

Krycek tipped back his head as he settled and groaned feelingly. "Yes yes yes yes yes. Oh Fox, you are *it*. This is the best. You're so good. Yeah, this is much better. GOD. Arch your hips up, make me feel it. YES! Like that... do it again." Krycek tightened powerful thigh muscles and started rocking, lifting and lowering himself just enough to set them both on fire again.

Mulder arched and thrust, ignoring the protest of his lower back by concentrating on the feeling of Krycek's thighs flexing under his hands. He was inside that body, inside that impossible ass, and the knowledge was as heady as the sensations. Watching Krycek move rated somewhere up around the most incredible sight he'd ever laid eyes on. His own body raced out of control, lost in the squeezing friction of Krycek's ass, but his mind locked on the image of Krycek pumping himself wildly on the cock spearing him, head tossing, powerful thigh muscles flexing, chest heaving under his rucked-up shirt. His nipples stood out clearly through the thin material, and Mulder couldn't resist reaching up and pinching them, one by one. Krycek twisted and made the best noise, causing Mulder to repeat his actions and then start rubbing each nipple between finger and thumb. Krycek's eyes went wide and he stared down at Mulder, the picture of erotic abandonment, mouth open, panting, lips shining and puffy from biting himself, cheeks flushed, hair hanging over his forehead, sweat dripping down his jawbone.

And the winner is...

Private Dancer II by Aries