Best Poem

Our first presenter is well known throughout the M/K slash community as an author and vocally appreciative reader. She's since moved away from writing XF and on to other fandoms, but she's come back today to present our first award.

Please welcome... Sarah!


Poetry is one of the rarer types of writing that you'll find in the X-files fandom. Although when it is written, and written well, it often portrays the core of emotions that we might possibly find if we were able to see inside the minds of Fox Mulder and Alex Krycek, or the bittersweet descriptions of our characters in such flowing language. Writing poetry is an art form, and these five finalists have that form down to a tee.

The nominees are:

Alex of All the Days* by Mockery

"In memory, this time will linger,
Lips of snow, the kiss of frost,
And laughter, lazy, satiated,
Revelling in what you've lost,
Counting fragments in the snow
And coldly noting what it cost."

Darkness by Aris

"so dark that it would drain away our voices, mind and hearts
so dark that all that can be left are those
frantic desires, madness within a mask -
a darkness that even you, would never dare to near"

Greeting a Lover in Apartment 42 by Raietta

"Her island and your island only
Isolating one another even more.
How wide the sea, how unending.
Let this bed be our island.
Let these white walls be our borders,
And let us ignore the rest of the world,
And the rain, for a while."

In this Game We Play by Aris

"Yet I can never look into your eyes
Can never take them into my sight
To see the bottomless pit
And the whispering shadows of the past
To try to fathom your thoughts
To recognize the faults"

Untitled III by Broken Angel

"my fist still aches from the impact
      that it made against your mouth
and your teeth striking my knuckle
have opened a small wound that
             minutely, and stings."

And the winner is...

Alex of All the Days* by Mockery