Best Hurt/Comfort


Hurt/Comfort has always been a popular theme in fanfiction. In M/K fic, the standard formula for H/C is often used- the pain offers a conflict for the plot to be based around, and the comfort is a sweet treat for the author and readers. But sometimes a new twist is put on the old theme. Redemption through pain is commonly seen in M/K fic, and is used as a method to get the boys together. Our finalists tonight are a mix of classic H/C, and redemption H/C. All are lovely and enjoyable stories.

The nominees are:

Admission IX: Recovering by Aries

He rose from the bed and started toward the door but before he could reach it, Alex's voice, tinged with restrained fright sounded.


Fox looked to the man on the bed, and the expression he read in the glassy, green eyes sent wave upon wave of pain slamming through him. He moved back toward the bed and stared down at Alex, waiting.

Alex turned pleading eyes up to the other man but was unable to ask Fox not to leave him alone.

"What is it, baby?"

//Please stay with me.//


"You called to me."

Alex opened and closed his mouth twice as if he wanted to speak, but ultimately remained silent. He shook his head and turned his face away from his lover's worried gaze.

Without a word, Fox sat down on the bed. "Alex, please don't do this," he murmured, lifting a hand to the younger man's head. "You want to say something. I can see it all over your face."

Avoiding the older man's eyes, Alex shook his head and turned onto the side that wasn't wounded.

Fox adjusted the blanket and let his hand rest on Alex's shoulder. Through the light cotton he could feel the tremors running consistently through the prone body. Hesitating for just a moment, he swung his legs up onto the bed and lay on top of the blanket, facing Alex. He wound an arm around his lover, pulling him close and tenderly stroking his back. The relieved sigh did not escape his notice, and he pressed his lips to Alex's forehead.

"Close your eyes, baby. Try and sleep."

Alex melted into Fox's embrace, reveling in the warmth of his lover's touch.

So gentle. So safe.

D.C. Rain by Aries

He finished cleaning Alex up, being especially careful around all of the more tender areas, then slowly eased the temperature knob over to cool.

Alex became a bit more active, shivering and fussing as the spray grew cold, and the hand that had soothed and comforted him now insisted that he wake up.

"Alex." Mulder briskly rubbed the younger man's back and arms. "Time to wake up. You're getting damn heavy, and this water is freezing." He tapped the lightly stubbled face. "Come on, I let you rest for a little while, but you gotta wake up now..."

That voice.

Not any of those Alex had last remembered hearing, but very familiar, nonetheless.

And comforting. He liked this voice.

And he liked the arms folded around him. There was a warmth in this embrace... in the body pressed against him, even though the rain was freezing.

What the hell was he doing out in the rain, naked?

Had to be a dream.

But, God, it was so real.

He lifted his weakened arms and clung loosely to the body against him, letting himself feel the sting of the water.

So cold. Felt almost like D.C. rain...

"... Very good... that's good... open your eyes..."

He was beginning to feel different. The haze was slowly lifting, and reality had begun to creep in.

He wasn't dreaming about being naked in someone's arms in the rain. He *was* naked in someone's arms... in a shower...

Mulder watched recognition slowly filter in and clear the glaze a bit from Alex's eyes. He said a silent prayer of thanks then waited expectantly as the sable head lifted a fraction from his shoulder, and Alex looked around. His eyes drifted shut again, and he lowered his head to Mulder's shoulder with a pained sigh.

"Jeez. Where am I?"

"You're safe."

Mindfield by Dr. Ruthless and Relentless

"Alex, I'm here. You're home, and you're safe." Mulder spoke softly against the skin of his face, so Alex could feel his breath. Alex's extended his tongue and gently tasted Mulder's skin, letting out a small sigh of contentment at the familiarity. Mulder was again captured by this man's singular difference to anyone else he had ever known. Had he expected a man who could smell a foe, and react instantaneously but occasionally sucked his thumb in his sleep, to conform? The enormity of his presumption was becoming clearer to him each minute.

He had exactly what he wanted. He had the man of his dreams, fantasies and needs and he had tried to change him.


"Alex baby, I love you. Stay with me, beautiful, don't ever leave again" Mulder breathed to Alex.

As his eyes began to focus, Alex could see him now. He watched Mulder with a flat, dull expression. *Yes,* Mulder thought, *you'll stay with me. You'll let me destroy you. For all your strength, you'll let me take away parts of you a little bit at a time. No more of that, I need you too much. I need you as you are, want you as you are.*

"I promise you beloved, from this day on, things will be different." Mulder vowed, and heart in his mouth, he willed all that was inside him to reach forth to Alex.

The flat eyes changed just a bit, and for the first time ever, Mulder saw fear in them.

"It's all right, baby, you don't need to be afraid anymore. I'll protect you as you've protected me," he promised. "I won't hurt you anymore. You were right, it kills me to see you in pain."

This admission was rewarded with the ghost of a smile. *Oh, Alex,* Mulder thought, *You know me and I haven't even tried to know you. I've studied you, pushed and prodded and probed like you were a *thing,* but I never tried to understand you. I never *did* use any restraint with you. I took all I wanted when I wanted and you gave, you always gave and you tried so damn hard to understand me.*

"Beautiful," Mulder whispered, "I think that I have the most wonderful man in the world, and getting to know him will be my greatest joy."

Not on My Watch 4: Remember Me by Aries

Fox continued to squeeze Alex's hand, moaning occasionally as the pain surged. A few minutes later, his grip loosened, and his body went slack.

"Baby?" Alex called softly. "Fox..." He stroked the perspiration-slick forehead.


"Does it still hurt?"

The older man released a long sigh and pulled automatically to his left, blindly seeking the comfort of Alex's arms.

Alex held Fox to his chest, casting a wary glance toward Mrs. Mulder. "These episodes take everything out of him," he explained, stroking the older man's back. "I don't know if I can get him upstairs to the bedroom. Can we just put him down here?"

"Of course," Mrs. Mulder answered, quickly getting to her feet. "I'll get him a blanket."

As the woman hurried from the room, Alex laid Fox on his back and gently hoisted his legs up on the sofa. He sat on the floor by his lover's head, tenderly caressing his hair. "It's okay," he crooned, kissing Fox's nose and forehead while the other man fought to breathe evenly. "Easy..."

Wild Justice by MJ Lee

When he finally opened heavy sweat-soaked eyelids it was to find himself looking right into Krycek's amused face. The younger man had slithered himself around Mulder so his elbow was resting on Mulder's chest, chin propped in it as he studied his lover, a mischievous grin lifting the corners of his mouth.

"Welcome back," he murmured. "Was it good for you too, honey?"

Mulder felt his face break apart and suddenly he was laughing and gasping and choking. He pulled Alex into his arms, rolling around the bed until they ended up with Krycek on his back, still laughing up into Mulder's face. At that moment there were no shadows, no sign of wariness in his eyes.

Abruptly Mulder sobered, one hand came up and slowly stroked the fine skin, fingertips tracing the nose with it's slight upturn that gave the man an eternal illusion of youth and innocence. Then they moved to the firm, full lips. He watched and shivered as the lips opened, and Alex gently sucked the fingertips into his mouth, biting down gently, worrying them lightly with strong white teeth.

"I'm sorry, Alex," he said simply, eyes somber.

"I know," was the soft reply. Long black lashes swept up as he met Mulder's look steadily. Mulder unconsciously held his breath, praying that tonight was the first tentative bridge across the chasm of blood and hatred and betrayal that separated them.

The quiet, husky voice continued, "I'm just sorry, we couldn't have ended up on the same side. I think I would have liked being your friend, Mulder."

"You are and more," Mulder bent down and kissed him. "Still, it's over now." He closed his eyes, breathing in the fresh, spicy scent of the body in his arms. "We'll figure something out. I'm not letting you go ever again."

Krycek opened his mouth then closed it again as a strange expression slid across his face. He said nothing; he just pulled down Mulder's head for another kiss, sliding his fingers through the short brown silky strands. Then he began to move again, languidly and sensuously, stretching and rubbing himself against the firm expanse of smooth planes and wiry muscle that comprised Fox Mulder. He felt Mulder's cock twitch and harden against his hip. Alex smiled and turned around, his leg sliding between Mulder's. His head bent to a pale shoulder, kissing it, lingering to taste the sleek softness as he licked his way across the curve.

"This is how it should have always been between us, Mulder," Krycek murmured against his skin, his voice slightly slurred, flowing like thick, sweet honey over exposed nerve-endings. "All naked and vulnerable, skin against skin ..." he laughed low in his throat. "Now, whatever happens, you'll never forget this night." His warm breath ruffled Mulder's hair, as he looked up and kissed his temple, "or me."

And the winner is...

D.C. Rain by Aries