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Best Hurt/Comfort

Admission VI: The Best Laid Plans by Aries
Changing Places by Hephaestion
Fate by Chance Encounter by Dr. Ruthless and LeFey
Edge of Seventeen: Lessons by Hephaestion
Not on My Watch by Aries
Quicksand by Imajiru and Rachel

Best Romance

Admission VI: The Best Laid Plans by Aries
Bulletins from Bedlam by Jessica Harris
Departure III by Imajiru
GEM: Alex's Journal by Aries
I will Remember You by Hephaestion
Saints and Matyrs by Viridian5
Too Much To Dream by Niccie

Best Humour

Just Talking by Frankie
Lavender Gman: Picket Fences by Hephaestion
Lavender Gman: Surrender Dorothy by Hephaestion
The Popsicle Story by Araxdelan
SeXFile:AoLChat by Hephaestion
Wedding of the Year by Dr Ruthless and Relentless

Best Angst

Blood Love and Rhetoric* by Ladonna
Bullentins from Bedlam by Jessica Harris
Departure III by Imajiru
Green Eyed Monster by Aries
The Hardest Word by Hephaestion
Interrogation by Nicole
The Place of Dead Roads by Spike
Small Hours* by Te and Dawn Pares

Short Story

Came Down Like Water* by Torch
Closet Taoism by Leanne
Do You Think?* by Imp
Hurt by Isahunter
Reparation by RussianRat
Silence by Araxdelan
Souls by Araxdelan

Medium Length

Bulletins from Bedlam by Jessica Harris
Game, Set, Match by Anonymous
Inca Gold by Spike
A Rat Tale by Debchan
The Sky Holds My Hand by Lissa

Best Long

Dostoyevski's Tea by Jane Symmons
Many a Mile by Dr. Ruthless
Posession* by Ladonna
Quicksand by Imajiru and Rachel
Walking Shadow* by Sylvia


Another Side* by Halfchild
The Best Lies by Cody Nelson
Departure III by Imajiru
Fish are Jumping by Jane Symmons
A Fish Called Krycek* by Sarah Bellum
Il Traviato by Cody Nelson
Solidarity* by Ladonna

Best Series

Admission by Aries
Breathless/Soildarity by Ladonna
Departure by Imajiru
Numb All Over by Jonah in the Whale
Victim of the Game by CKing
Tapestry (Weft/Warp) by Amirin

Best Sex Scene

Admission VIII by Aries
Scene Number: the last love scene

Departure III by Imajiru
Scene Number: After Fox says I love you to Alex for the first time
Scene Number: The sex scene where Alex is stoned on painkillers and Mulder gives him a blowjob.

Small Hours* by Te and Dawn Pares
Scene Number- Only one

Waking up in Pittsburgh by Keiko Kirin
Scene Number: One

Best Author

Jessica Harris
Ladonna King
Sarah Bellum (Bernice)

Best Poem

Behind the Mask by Mockery
Greys by Araxdelan
Innocence by Araxdelan
A Ratte Tale by Nonie Rider
The Whisper of Forgiveness by Araxdelan

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