Best Sex Scene

Sex scenes are an important part of slash stories. The backbone of them, some might even say. They often give us an important look into the relationship between the characters; through the lust, power struggles, and love. And, I think everyone would agree that they can be just plain fun.

Our five nominees span the range. We have a long time couple re-affirming their love, two who have just admitted it, an intense painkiller induced romp, a struggle between two men trying to define and save their relationship, and last but not least, a hot first time plagued by confusion.

And the nominees are...

Admission VI by Aries
Scene Number: The last love scene

Fox's eyes dilated until only slivers of green and gold could be seen, as he watched his lover carefully apply a generous coating of lube to his cock. "Hurry, baby," he whispered breathlessly. "I need you so much."

Alex completed his task, then once again lowered himself to Fox's overheated body. Immediately, he again found himself wrapped in the strong circle of Fox's arms and legs. He grasped his cock at the base and guided it to his lover's ass. "You gonna come good and hard for me, baby?"

Fox nodded, unable to get any intelligible words past his lips.

Alex pushed forward, teasing the clenching anal muscles with the slick head of his cock. He watched through slitted eyes as Fox's mouth dropped open, and a hard, stuttering breath tumbled from it. The head disappeared inside the tight opening, and Fox's teeth gritted on the inhale, creating a loud, hissing sound. "You promise?" Alex asked, inching in a tiny bit more.

"Promise," Fox croaked, finding his voice. "I promise...*please*, Alexei..."

Departure III by Imajiru
Scene Number: After Fox says I love you to Alex for the first time

Our eyes meet. He looks at me, and I fall into his gaze. All that he is, all that he feels for me, are right there in his eyes; and I'm melting in the glow. I'll never be the same after this, never be that Alex Krycek again... now I'm his Alex. He loves me, he loves me, and it makes all the difference in the world.

He's moving inside me, now. Sweating, needing, wanting, but taking it slow. Stretching it out, not letting it end. Wanting more than anything else to just be inside me, to be that close to me... I know this, because I can feel what he's feeling. He's inside me, and I'm inside him, and we are one.

Departure III by Imajiru
Scene Number: The sex scene where Alex is stoned on painkillers and Mulder gives him a blowjob.

There is no thought. Only feeling, feeling him, feeling him touching me sucking me massaging ohmigod and don't let this end, not now, not ever. Time like taffy again, and I want, I want, I need, yet I can't quite, and I don't want to. This is too good. Mulder. Just Mulder and this feeling, this feeling, so strong and so intense and more than I can take and never enough and building and building until I could scream; and I keep the scream inside because I don't want to lose any of this intensity, I want to keep it all inside of me, Mulder and this feeling, forever and ever.

Small Hours by Dawn Pares and Te
Scene Number: Only one

I jump. One finger, and it's almost familiar, and then he hit it, he hit it just right, and I saw fucking stars. It's so sensitive it's painful, but I get the idea, I get an idea of how he'll feel, and I want it *yesterday*. I don't want him to take his time. I want it all, and I don't want hints, I don't want prep, I just want him crammed inside and fucking me.

Waking up in Pittsburg by Keiko Kiran
Scene Number: One

Krycek squeezed Mulder's ass, kneading and rubbing. Mulder hummed in his throat and undulated over him, tightening his hold on Krycek's full, gloriously hard cock. Krycek squirmed and shifted, urging Mulder down with his hand, until they were on their sides, tangled together. Mulder felt their cocks touch and arched closer with a breathless groan. Krycek's skin was burning hot, strong muscles flexing as he moved, pushing them together. Heat, lips, hair, flesh -- everything that Mulder could touch and taste, he did, and in return Krycek's hand and lips and teeth and chest and cock and legs covered his body. Just sex? Not in a million years. But, oh, it didn't matter, did it? Not now.

Not ever...

And the winner is...

Small Hours!!!