Best Poem

Poetry is one of the greatest ways to express oneself. But the ability to write good poetry is a talent few hold. The nominees here possess that talent (with the possible exception of myself ;o) and use it to explore Mulder and Krycek's feelings. Well... Krycek's feelings, anyway. All but one of the nominated poems happen to focus on our favorite rat.

And the nominees are...

Behind the Mask by Mockery

"The future's written in the sand:
A tool that fits some other's hand;
This, it seems must be my task:
To lose myself behind the mask...
But still, inside, I know it's true
I'd come back to the light for you."

Greys by Araxdelan

"Perhaps there was never truly black and white,
but many shades of gray.
And thusly there was never wrong, never hate,
only dim shadows of unsettling."

Innocence by Araxdelan

"I want to curl up into a ball.
Then I want you to come and straighten me out,
and pull me into your arms."

A Ratte's Tale by Nonie Rider

"And yet love gnawed him like a ratte hys preye,
And made him wake by nicht and mourne by daye.
For so hadde Cupid prycked him with his darte
That on a lovely Foxe he sette his herte,
And yet the Foxe's father he hadde slain,
Whyche made much sorrowe fall between them twain..."

The Whisper of Forgiveness by Araxdelan

"The deathly cold of the shadows
paves the path of realization,
of wrongs and sins,
committed against you.
But apologies can not be forged
in a cloud of forced machismo
founded by my fear and faults and mis-guided decisions."

And the winner is...

A Ratte's Tale!!!