Best Hurt/Comfort

It's been said time and again- "Mulder and Krycek are pretty when they're in pain." Some authors clearly enjoy hurting our boys more than others. While some of us may cry, "Oh, just leave my poor babies alone already!" we keep reading. Why? Because, after the hurt comes the comfort.. <winks and nods suggestively>.

But, seriously, Hurt/Comfort makes up a large portion of the M/K fandom. Sometimes the comfort can be reparation for being the one causing the hurt, sometimes it can just be a way to bring the boys closer. And, sometimes, it's just plain yummy.

And the nominees are...

Admission VI: The Best Laid Plans by Aries


"Yeah, baby. It's me. Everything's fine."

Alex raised a hand to Fox's cheek, sliding his knuckles through the dampness there. "Where am I?"

"Hospital in Connecticut."

"You found me?"

Fox nodded. "With a little help."

"I knew you would...what about Saint James?"

"He's not a problem any more."

Alex searched his eyes, and knew. "I told him if I didn't get him, then you would. He didn't believe me."

Fox gave no answer. He simply lowered his head and covered Alex's lips in a long, tender kiss.

Alex threaded a hand through Fox's hair, losing himself in the comfort of his lover's kiss. God, it felt so good. How did he know? How did he know this was exactly what he needed right now...the reassurance...the reality...

Changing Places by Hephaestion

"You saved my ass. Literally, you know that. But fucking dammit to hell Krycek! Why? I thought you hated me? I thought we were enemies! You were supposed to be my nemesis, the man who murdered my father and the man behind Scully's kidnapping! You were suppose to be a guy that I want to kill so badly I can taste it. But you keep doing shit that defies normal explanation and completely out of the character I have profiled you to have! You weren't suppose to get yourself....yourself...he raped you instead of Me! ME! Why did you let him? How can I forget what he did to you cause of me?" Mulder said and placed his palms over his eyes, his sobs rocked the wounded body.

Fate by Chance Encounter by Dr. Ruthless ad LeFey

Mulder had thought he would be pleased to see his adversary suffering in this way, but now it had come to it, he was merely terrified. He shivered, and instinctively drew a little closer to the distressed man in the bed beside him. The urge to reach out and comfort him loomed like a tangible presence. Sliding an uncertain hand along the other man's shaking shoulder, he pulled Krycek in to his embrace, thoughts of the terror that might be lying in wait for the two of them causing him to search for the warmth of human contact.

Edge of Seventeen: Lessons by Hephaestion

Scully for once spoke to Alex and begged him to hurry and help Mulder. They rushed inside the room and tried to reason with the grieving agent, who cried and yelled at the cruelty that life had become. He screamed at why Luke was gone, when Luke never hurt anybody ever in his entire life, but was always the brunt of other people's anger.

Alex grabbed Mulder and held him tightly, "Easy Mulder ..come on..please.. don't do this.."

Not on My Watch by Aries

"Shit." He hurried to the bed, placing the clean pail under Mulder. "I thought I heard you." He positioned himself behind Mulder, wrapping an arm around his middle for support as the older man dry-heaved. When it was over, Mulder was completely wrung out. Alex pulled him back against the pillows, then disappeared momentarily. He came back with a cool, damp cloth, and began stroking it over Mulder's face and neck. "It's okay," he cooed softly. "I know you must feel like dying right now, but you'll be all right, I promise."

Quicksand by Imajiru and Rachel

Mulder grabbed a kleenex and wiped the other man's nose and mouth for him, while Krycek struggled to breathe. He slid one arm around the other man's back -- "Easy," he murmured, "it's all right, you're gonna be all right..." Krycek crumpled against him, coughing and trembling and making those awful little whimpering noises, almost sobbing -- and at a loss for what else to do, Mulder held him.

And the winner is...