Who are you looking for?

We're particularly interested in people who are well known throughout the Mulder/Krycek community. Established authors, owners/operators of Mulder/Krycek websites or mailing-lists, people who post heavily on M/K lists, etc. Basically, we're looking for people the audience of our little show will recognize. We'd also like applicants who can take on a vibrant persona. We want the awards process to be interesting and entertaining. It will be the job of the presenters to make it so.

What will I have to do?

The winners of the awards could be announced in a simple format, but that would be boring. In the cosmic scale, LeK isn't that important, but it is an honor for the winners, and a time for celebration. Therefore, it was decided to make the initial announcement in a grand virtual awards ceremony, modeled after popular awards shows such as the Golden Globes or Oscars.

As presenters, you would be responsible for writing an intro for the category you are responsible for. You could also do what I did last year, and have a small graphical representation of yourself at the podium. :o)

The content of the intro is up to you, but, as I said, it should be in some way entertaining. Though I'm quite sure that people will just get a kick out of imagining their favorite M/K "celebrities" up at the podium. ;o)

The presenters are also responsible for choosing out-takes from their category's nominated stories. The out-takes are a bit like the movie clips shown at awards shows- they're meant to give the audience a glance at all the nominees before the winner is announced. Thusly the out-takes should be a representation of the aspect of the story that is relevant to the category. e.g. The out-takes for the stories in the Best Romance category should be romantic.

I should also note that being a presenter does not mean you to know who the winners are before everyone else, just as the presenters at an awards show do not get to know beforehand. You will write up your intro and select your out-takes, and have them to me before the voting has ended. I will add the winners name to the page after the voting is over.

How do I volunteer?

You can email LisaeKrysa@hotmail.com . Remember, we are specifically looking for people who are movers and shakers in the M/K community.

Being a presenter will require work. While it may be fun to go through your favorite stories looking for the perfect out-take, it's very time-consuming. And you may have to read through a story you find objectionable or dis-tasteful. Please don't volunteer if you're not committed to putting effort into your intro and out-takes.

We have a limited number of categories. While it's very possible that we won't have enough volunteers to fill all the spaces, it's also possible that we'll have too many. As of January 1st, the plan is to accept volunteer applications until January 31st. Too many applicants will push the date forward. All applicants will have their names added to a list, and after the cut-off date 11 presenters and 2 alternates will be chosen from the list, notified, and given further instructions.


Who are you looking for?

Any M/K fan willing to share their artistic talent.


We here at LeK are interested in having a new design for our award. The picture used last year was cute as all get out, but we'd like to change the award each year. While the LeK staff could probably whip something up, we're interested in exhibiting the talents of an M/K fan, and in having something of quality to present to our winners.

What will I have to do?

We're looking for someone who would like to create a picture (whether it be a drawing, painting, photofake...) for use in the 2000 LeK award. There's nothing specifically in mind for the pic.... you can have a cute fox and rat, like last year's award, or a cute Fox and Alex, but it should have some sort of M/K connection.

We'd also like room to add the words "Lisa e Krysa 2000" on the pic, as well as space for the category name and the name of the winning story and author. If you're interested in control over the appearance of the text, we'd be happy to give you responsibility for creating it. But be warned that it's time consuming to create 12 different variations (one for each category) personalized with the winner names.

How do I volunteer?

Write to LisaeKrysa@hotmail.com . At this point, we ask you to please not create any drawings. We might have several volunteers, and you might not be the artist chosen to create the artwork. Instead, we'd like to hear a description of what you have in mind for the award. The different ideas will be compared, and the one that would work best within this setting will be chosen. Remember, we want something small and easy to download, as it will be featured on our winner's pages.

We will be accepting volunteer applications until January 31st. We will contact all volunteers to announce our choice after this date.


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