Best Series


Some series are planned. Some arise naturally, when one story leads to a sequel, and then a third, and onward. Some series are written over the course of a few months, some last years. Some come to a clear end, and some continue without finish in site. Our finalists tonight are a diverse mix of all these qualities. But one thing can be said about them all... they are the result of the authors' blood and sweat. Each and every writer surely spent many many long hours producing these works, and no matter the winner, they all deserve our praise.

The nominees are:

A Boy and His Rat* by CM Decarnin

Dark Angel's Fire* by Megaera

Hit and Run* by Frankie and Lucy Snowe

How to Throw a Curveball* by Courtney Gray

Not on My Watch* by Aries

Araxdelan in another dress by Raietta

And the winner is...

How to Throw a Curveball* by Courtney Gray